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Burberry London vs Brit Cologne Comparison

Launched in 1995, Burberry for men has become one of the most famous brands of cologne. In contrast, Brit is also dominating the men’s choice list. Both Burberry London and Brit cologne are fragrances that are still competing hand in hand.

Some people prefer to use them both and love the different smells. But if you are stuck between the two – which one to choose – this article might help you.

In fact, both are worth investing in and not a waste of money. So we’ve made a comparison list of Burberry Brit vs. Burberry London perfume.

Let’s know and decide one for you – or probably choose both.

Burberry Brit vs Burberry London Perfume: Which one is best?

Here we’ll discuss the difference between Burberry Brit and Burberry London. For that, we’ll separate both fragrances based on their openings, projections, longevity, versatility, and an overall opinion.

So let’s decide the best of your choice!


Burberry Brit Perfume launched in 2003, and the opening has a fresh smell of powdery ginger-note spices. Many people do not like the smell on the first go but eventually end up loving it! Its clean scent includes cedar, nutmeg, green mandarin, wild roses, Tonka bean, ginger, and cardamom.

Burberry London Perfume launched in 2006, and the opening has a masculine smell. Men usually love such fragrances. Its edgy scent includes cinnamon, lavender, mimosa, tobacco leaf, bergamot, pepper, port, moss, and leather. The smell may be spiciest on the first go, but the ingredients blend each other after a while.


If we talk about the projection, Burberry Brit has a lower edge of moderation. It seems to be subtle, but it will never be an issue to you or anyone around.

On the other hand, Burberry London tends to be on the higher edge of moderation. The smell seems to be very strong, but the masculinity would not overpower the subtleness.


The longevity of a perfume depends on the type of skin you spray them into. It means that fragrances last longer in oily skin but loses smell in dry skin.

While comparing Burberry London vs. Brit, we could not find any difference.

They last for equal hours, which are from six to eight hours. We cannot choose any of these perfumes specifically for their longevity performance.


When talking about Burberry Brit vs. Burberry London perfume, we can think of scents of autumn and winter seasons. Both of them are casual fragrances, but reviews show that Burberry London is preferable. It has a hint of wildness and romance if we compare it to Burberry Brit.

Price with the Size Details

The table shows the prices according to the size details of Burberry Brit vs. Burberry London perfume.

Size (Fl Oz)Burberry BritBurberry London

N.B: Prices may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s move on to some of the frequently asked questions that you might think of while searching for Burberry London vs. Brit Cologne Comparison.

Is Burberry a British brand?

One of the famous British luxury brands is Burberry from London, England. In 1981, they started their first shop in Haymarket, London. Burberry was a family business company till 1955, when the brand began to emerge.

Is Burberry London the same as Burberry Brit?

Since 2015, Burberry has been using labels to figure out the differences of their runaway collections. Burberry London is famous for workwear; on the other side, Burberry Brit is for casual use.

Is Burberry Brit a good smell?

We saw many reviews of Burberry Brit. Based on famous websites, the rating is 4.0 out of 5.0. In most cases, customers say it is a great scent that does not seem to last longer. So, customers need to carry it to re-apply, but no one regrets purchasing the scent.

What do Burberry Brit ladies smell like?

The fragrance of Burberry Brit for women has an attractive green orientation. With the combination of Italian lime, crispy green almonds and icy pear, the top notes have reviews of being jolly and fresh.

However, the lower notes are sweeter scents of lush white peony with sugared almonds—lastly, the fragrance blends for vanilla, Tonka beans and amber.

What does Burberry Her London smell like?

The fragrance of Burberry London for her is a signature scent of the Burberry collection “Her London Dreams.” With a combination of fresh ginger, lemon, romantic rose, and peony hearts, the top notes have reviews of having a sense of relaxation. As a result, “Her London Dream” is well-known for the freshness of style and bringing a sense of peace.

Final Verdict

People who are searching Burberry Brit vs Burberry London perfume reviews already love colognes. Nevertheless, people wear perfumes based on their moods and situation.

Having similar spicy ingredients, the fragrance of Burberry Brit is soft, while Burberry London has a strong smell. It is not necessary for men to like a strong scent, so many prefer the floral smell.

We will suggest you get the one that resonates with your personality and likings. Finally, you should always wear a perfume that would make you confident, and we can assure you would not regret getting any of these fragrances.