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Creed Aventus vs Green Irish Tweed Cologne Comparison

aventus vs green irish tweed

Colognes can attract our attention very easily. The fresh, woody, clean, and warm personalities of cologne are always appreciated. And both Creed Aventus and Green Irish Tweed have the ability to do so.

But if you consider one, green Irish tweed vs Aventus might be a tough decision. They both have great scents, but the smells are really different. Creed Aventus smell is quite assertive. And GTI smell is more subtle.

So, which one would you choose? Not enough information yet, right? Here is a complete Creed Aventus vs Green Irish Tweed cologne comparison for you.

Creed Aventus vs Green Irish Tweed: Things They Differ in

Both the perfumes in comparison here are great for any day. They are great choices for a man with class and personality. But certain differences will shape your decision.

To begin with, you can consider wearing Aventus on a sunny and warm day. But the creed green Irish tweed cologne is more suited for the chilly weather. And they will give you a different feeling when worn too.

For example, a green Irish tweed creed for men will bring you a better feeling about yourself. You will feel more confident and positive about your personality.

On the contrary, if you want to catch the ladies’ attention, you can go for Creed Aventus.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more differences that you can consider.

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Creed Aventus vs Green Irish Tweed: The Opening

Let’s dive deep into the scents of the two perfumes.

First up, Aventus will give you a strong mixture of pineapple and black currant when you open the bottle. The smell can be a bit overwhelming and dry. You will also be able to smell citrus and apple in the background. But with time, the strong smell fades, giving a balanced and mild and fruity aroma.

Now comes the Green Irish Tweed. When you open the bottle, it gives a moss and earthy scent. The scent is also covered with lemon vibes, violet leaves, and others. The scent settles down much better than the other one.

So, in terms of fragrance, GIT may be excelling a little more than Aventus. The opening of GIT is more intense. And it settles down better than Aventus.

Creed Aventus vs Green Irish Tweed: Longevity

When it comes to lasting long, they compete head-to-head. Both perfumes are long-lasting. They can last up to 10 hours. You can be wearing them will full scent for 7 to 10 hours straight.

In any weather, the longevity of the perfumes will remain intact. You can be sure to be smelling good for 7 hours to the least. The smells are very resilient if we compare them to other men’s colognes.

Creed Aventus vs Green Irish Tweed: Versatility

In terms of versatility, Aventus has the edge over GIT. You can wear Aventus in spring and summer. But the Green Irish Tweed is much more a spring perfume.

Also, you can wear Aventus in the scorching heat and early winter. You can wear it in versatile places too. Even you can go to a party or the office meeting wearing the Aventus.

But GIT has more limitations over Aventus – it is not a great perfume to wear at parties or date nights. Aventus gives a more sophisticated vibe, while GIT adds maturity.

So, the bottom line is that Aventus is more versatile than GIT. If you want to feel good about yourself, wear GIT. But if you want to impress others, you should consider wearing the Aventus.

Creed Aventus vs Green Irish Tweed: The Styles

If we want to compare the styles of the two, we need to look at the ingredients. We will not be technical about it. But let’s look into the objectives of the two perfumes.

Aventus wants to give the users a novelty vibe. It is a classic 90s perfume that men could wear at big events.

On the other hand, the Green Irish Tweed gives a more modern vibe with less dare.

GIT is more focused on freshness and persistence. Aventus is more assertive and reckless.

Creed Aventus vs Green Irish Tweed: The Projection

Both perfumes are long-lasting and have strong scents. But Aventus might just have a little edge over the other here too. You don’t need to worry much when you apply to Aventus.

This means that you will only 2-sprays max to smell good with Aventus. Any more sprays and the smell will come too strong for others. Thus, you can wear the perfume for 7 hours in just 2-sprays.

GIT will require you to apply double the sprays than Aventus to last that long. It will also last 7 hours or more, but you may have to apply 4-sprays.


Creed Aventus vs Green Irish Tweed cologne comparison will eventually come down to the prices. If you still cannot figure out which one to get, look into your budget now. But that might confuse you a little too.

GIT is a bit more expensive than Aventus. But that is because GIT sells a bigger bottle than Aventus. But you can get any one of them within $300 to $450.

Our suggestion is – if you have the budget and are enthusiastic about perfumes, get both and wear them alternatively.

FAQs: Creed Aventus vs Green Irish Tweed

Answer: If you want to wear the perfume for 7 hours, you will need around 4-sprays. 3-sprays may sometimes work. But 4-sprays are the way to go.

Answer: Aventus will require you to spray less than GIT. Only 2-sprays are good enough to last at least 7 hours. Any more than that will seem too strong to others.

Answer: Judging by our comparison in the article, Aventus is definitely worth it. It stands over GIT in terms of longevity, versatility, and persistence.