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How to Make Dog Perfume in Home

Dog Perfume in Home

“Are you worried about your dog’s smell and don’t know what you should do so no stinky smells come?” No worries, as we will give a complete solution about homemade dog perfume so that all your uncertainties are over.

We know how much we all love to cuddle with our beloved dogs all the time, especially when we are at our home. In fact, not a single day doesn’t go without hugging them as they are an inseparable part of our life. But if they smell bad, we will naturally step backward even if we love them the most.

Obviously, we will not want something like this to happen. Moreover, too much bathing is bad for dogs’ bodies, so bathing cannot be a solution. Now the question may arise, “What is the best alternate solution to this problem?” – The answer undoubtedly is homemade dog perfume. Keep reading further to know details.

Homemade Dog Perfume Spray [4 Steps]

Suppose anyone asks you this question, “Who is the most loyal best friend of human beings?” Then, without even thinking, the first answer that will come to our mind without any doubts will be dogs because they have given several proofs of being our most faithful friend.

Maybe, for this reason, we love and feel the most connected to our beloved dogs. Similarly, it is our job to take care of them in the best way possible so that no bad odors come from them and they remain clean all the time. So whenever we feel like cuddling, we don’t stop; instead keep on doing due to its coming appealing smell.

Moreover, dog fragrance sprayis easy to make and use, along with being inexpensive. You just need to follow some steps and the exact ingredients to make the perfect one for your beloved pet.

Necessary Ingredients

So, the ingredients that you will need to make your homemade perfume for your dog are:

  • One spray bottle of 4 fluid ounces (i.e., 4 floz)
  • Water.
  • One essential oil.

One useful thing about this perfume is that you can make as much as the amount you want to make, and it will still remain fresh for a long time.Therefore let us know about the steps without further wait so you can quickly benefit yourself and your cherished pet from it.

Step 1: Pouring Water Into Spray Bottle

The number 1 step is adding warm water into a spray bottle (such as 4 fl. Ounce) till it gets full. You must ensure that the water is warm as it will help in the solubility of the mixture. Otherwise, it will not blend properly with the oil, and thus you will not get your desired perfume, which indeed you will not want.

For this amount of water, 5-6 droplets of essential oils are enough to make it a perfect appealing perfume for several times use.

Step 2: Mixing Essential Oils

After filling the bottle with warm water, the next step is adding the essential oil of your preference. After adding, you need to spin the bottle properly to blend the oil with the water properly.

This step is very crucial as your perfume consistency depends largely on the way you mix it. Hence, carefully keep mixing until there remains no visible oil on the surface of the water.

Another important thing don’t shake the spray bottle roughly; otherwise, the oils’ chemical bonds will break down. That means you cannot mix too strongly or too slowly; instead, you need it to do moderately with proper cautions.


You can use any essential oils to make the perfume. However, some of the best essential oil for making dogs perfume are lavender, chamomile, niaouli, helichrysum, eucalyptus, peppermint, etc. All these are best for dogs’ use and are least expected to cause any skin irritation.

Step 3: Ready to Spray

Once you are done mixing, the perfume becomes ready to spray on your beloved dog. While spraying, always ensure that you do not spray on the dogs’ delicate parts such as the eye, nose, mouth, etc. Because this can cause irritation and discomfort, we will never want our pet to suffer ever like these.

Moreover, before using the perfume, ensure that you shake the spray bottle softly. It will make sure that the proportion between oil and water remains the same throughout each spray.

Step 4: Storage

The best way to store your homemade perfume for your dog is by keeping it in a dry and cool place. In this way, it will last for a long time by giving the same fresh fragrance by preventing vaporization and dilution.

It is also safe to carry outside whether you carry it in your bag or pocket; this can be easily carried and used anywhere you want. However, store it properly in the correct place after coming back home. The way you store your homemade perfume is also a vital step as the perfume’s freshness and longevity largely depend on its storage.

Hence, these are the 4 vital steps that you can follow easily and comfortably for making pure and fresh homemade perfume for your dogs.


Pet perfume that is available in the market may not be suitable for our precious dogs. That’s why it is best to make dog perfume using a dog perfume recipe.

Along with not cutting your pocket, natural dog perfume is also the safest one for your dog as it you who will make it using the best ingredients only. Moreover, you will see that everyone loves to cuddle your one because of the appealing scent.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to make homemade dog perfume make yours using the following steps to get the best scent for your precious dog.