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Best Patchouli Perfume Reviews

Best Patchouli Perfume Reviews

Do you love patchouli and in search of the best patchouli perfume? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Patchouli is such an aromatic herb that perfectly blends with almost every fragrances. And if we talk about the mixture outcome, then words are less to describe. It is too good, which is enough to give you a whole new experience taste.

But, to get the best experience, you need to know and buy the perfect patchouli scent. Otherwise, you will not get the peace and satisfaction you would have found using the best one. That’s why we have made a review about the 6 best patchouli perfume with the help of experts, highest sell, customers reviews and ratings to help you.

Before heading directly to the reviews, let us first look at what patchouli smells like. As a result, it will be easier for you to link and get a complete concept of the patchouli perfumes.

What Does Patchouli Smell Like?

Patchouli has a powerful sweet smell that falls into the musky-earthy group. It has made a strong position as the base notes in most popular candles and perfumes due to its strong scent.

As patchouli is a part of the mint family, so many people think it may smell fresh and cool the way mint smells. However, it is a common misconception because those who have used patchouli perfumes or even candles know that there is no way patchouli smell like that.

Instead, the smell of patchouli is versatile and feels like a mixture of sweet, spicy and musky aroma is coming from it. Additionally, it can pair up and blend beautifully with any sweet and lighter floral or citrus scents, thus making the smell more appealing.

As a result, due to its uniqueness and versatility, patchouli has made a solid stand in several industries. For example, its use can be seen largely in candles, perfumes, cosmetics, cleansers, etc.

Now that you know how patchouli exactly smells, let us now move on to our reviews that will undoubtedly help you in picking the one for you:

Best Patchouli Perfume Reviews

Here’s our pick on the 6 best patchouli fragrances mesmerizing people by their extremely exclusive aroma and classy appearance. Each of the perfume listed below is a masterpiece and specialize in its unique way.

Let’s begin our journey in unveiling the best one for you:

White Patchouli Review

White patchouli is a pure version of patchouli, as here you will get a mixture of deep patchouli getting blended with white florals. As a result, the final result becomes so amazing that it is bound to attract and grab’s people eyes, making you the centre of the party.

You will rarely find people not noticing you after applying these fabulous smelling perfume. Additionally, to give it stylish attire, this perfume comes with a classy white bottle.

So it will undoubtedly catch the white lover’s eyes. And if by chance s/he is also a fan of patchouli, then there is nothing more to say as it will make the day for him or her.

White patchouli is a versatile and elegant perfume that has a great sillage and projection and is perfect for wear at any time all year round. It will never upset you; instead will make you surprised and happy every time you apply it.

Top Notes: White Flowers, Coriander, Peony, Bergamot.

Middle Notes: Ambrette (Musk Mallow), Rose, Jasmine.

Base Notes: Patchouli, Woody Notes, incense.

Amber & Patchouli Review

Amber and patchouli is an amber woody unisex fragrance, launch in 2010. Since then, this perfume is winning hearts. All credit goes to its rich and spicy touch that captivates surrounding people’s. A simple walk is enough to drive attraction towards you.

The patchouli smell comes a bit later as after spraying, the 1st thing you will find yourself is among the blast of amber. Later on, the patchouli comes to do the rest trick after the amber complete its work.

You can wear it in spring, summer and fall days and nights. The woody scent will make you feel tempted and mysterious from the moment you apply it. In other words, you will simply love it.

Notes: Amber, Patchouli, Guaiac Wood

Velvet Patchouli Review

Velvel patchouli is a chypre perfume for both man and woman launched in 2011. It is one of the elegant and smooth that all will love to wear. The bottle also has a classy outlook to impress anyone at first glance. And thanks to its compact size, you can carry it with you anywhere you want comfortably.

You can wear it on casual days and even on a special night with your partners. It is a warm and light scent that will certainly make you feel vibrant and pretty sensual at the same time.

Notes: Patchouli, Kephalis.

Patchouli Review

An oriental floral perfume, New York patchouli, was launched in 2013. It is a perfect perfume for those who like to play a bit naughty but at the same time want to have a fresh and energizing sensation.

You can wear this perfume all day long but the perfect time is when you plan to go on a special date with your partner. Not only you will feel more pleasing, but you will also be finding your confidence level boosting up.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Rose water, Litchi.

Middle Notes: Patchouli, Lily, Lilac.

Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Atlas Cedar.

Molecule 01 + Patchouli Review

This perfume is the latest one which was launch in 2021. It is back up with a strong and charming woody aroma for both man and woman.

Along with a woody smell, this perfume has a warm and smooth touch to it with longevity of over 6-8 hours. It is both attractive and magnificent that anyone will love to have.

You can wear it throughout the year on any occasion. It will still play its magic by giving you a refreshing vibe. It is worth putting your money into.

Notes: Indonesian Patchouli Leaf, Patchouli, Iso E Super.

Patchouli Ardent Review

If you love an alluring scent with a bomb combination of woody floral and musk, patchouli ardent is the one you should look for. It is a unisex perfume that was launch in 2020.

This amazing perfume is perfect for spring and fall. However, you can wear it on any special days to feel more graceful and charming. It is something that you will love to invest in and add to your collection list.

Top Notes: Fig, Pink Pepper, Black Pepper

Middle Notes: Turkish Rose, Patchouli, Cedar.

Base Notes: Leather, Musk.

Where Can I Buy Patchouli Oil Perfume?

Patchouli oil perfume is a common element that anyone can easily and comfortably find at any store, both offline and online. But before buying, it is better that you have in-depth knowledge about which brand and from which seller you are buying the product.

Otherwise, there is a high chance of getting deceived. If you are a 1st time user, then go through the customer’s ratings and reviews to get an idea about which might be the right one. And if you are an old patchouli oil user, you know the exact one and process.

We also have a large collection of famous patchouli oil perfume in our store. So if you need, you can always check from our store easily and order anytime you want.

Our products are 100% authentic and have the most affordable rate compared to the market value. Placing an order is your duty, and the rest depends right from packaging to delivering the right product to your hand on time.

Hence, if you search for a reliable store that sells original and top-quality patchouli oil perfume and patchouli cologne, you can easily order from our website at any time.

What is the Best Patchouli Oil?

Patchouli is well-known for making good-quality and aromatic oil. Besides, these herb has many health benefits which have helped them in drawing people’s attention. Such as it cures various skin conditions (dermatitis, spots, dryness, cracked skin), stomach ache, headache, flu, alleviate depression and anxiety, control appetite, hair fall, dandruff, etc.

However, the best result can only be gain from the best one, which is difficult to identify among such a huge collection. Every brand has its style and strategy to attract and influence you in buying their ones.

So to help you, we have made a list of the 5 best patchouli oil that will fulfil all your needs and, at the same time, offer an extraordinary aroma. Have a look around at the below list of patchouli oil with their most prominent features:

Gya Labs Patchouli Essential Oil

  • It gives a glowing skin
  • Cures hair fall
  • Relaxes mind
  • Bids farewell to anxiety and insomnia

Ola Prima Patchouli Essential Oil, 16oz

  • It comes with premium quality patchouli oil
  • A fabulous aroma that perfectly blends with any lotion, moisturizer, bathing gel, scrub or even candles
  • 100% pure and refined properly
  • U/V resilient amber bottle

Sun Essential Patchouli Oils, 4 Ounce

  • Organic and reviving scent
  • 100% alcohol and chemical-free oil
  • Removes fatigue and clumsiness
  • 100% pure version of patchouli

Plant Therapy Patchouli Essential Oil

  • It offers a soothing and sensual feel
  • Plays a vital role in the therapeutic area
  • Frees one from acne and premature ageing problems
  • It comes with a reasonable price tag

Auric Blends Patchouli Body Oil

  • Perfect for all type of skin
  • Long-lasting patchouli smell
  • Blends beautifully with any beauty products

Final Words

Choosing the best patchouli perfume is a tough job, especially when you have so many options to pick from. However, patchouli perfumes are something that you should not miss, and of course, try at least once.

Believe me; you will never regret the decision of buying and wearing patchouli. Instead, you will fall in love with the superb aroma of it that will make you wonder why you haven’t used it yet. So, pick the one that attracts you the most and meets all your desires.