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Using Guide: Can I spray perfume on my dog?

Can I spray perfume on my dog

My dogs’ dogs are always playing in the garden, making them sweaty and dirty and stinks pretty bad. Their dirty smell once left me wondering, and I was thinking to myself if I can spray perfume on my dog or not.

I couldn’t spray perfume on my dogs immediately because I don’t know how a perfume will affect them. As their senses work differently, the best smell for the most sophisticated dog can be horrible for you.

That’s why I did a little bit of research and got many ideas about dog perfume, which I’ll share with you in this article.

Can I spray perfume on my dog?

Yes, you can!! But before jumping to the conclusion, there are many things you have to know about dogs and perfumes. There are different opinions about applying cologne on dogs.

Some experts allow it freely. They say that you can use a specific type of cologne made for dogs that do not harm them. However, some experts suggest it is best to let the dogs smell like a dog.

Dog’s perfume is nothing new. In fact, dog perfumes are available in the market for more than decades. Dog perfume is a part of the humanization process as dogs have been the people’s favorite pet in the urban world.

The price of dog perfume or dog cologne varies. As many brands are producing dog perfume, there is also competition. But you can get affordable perfumes for your beloved pet in the market. A 150 ml perfume bottle would be no more than 10 to 20 dollars.

Preferred perfume

Do not use perfume with alcohol for dogs. Dog perfume does not contain alcohol, which means they are zero percent alcohol perfumes and colognes.

Alcohol causes dogs to have dry skin, which leads them to have allergies. Hence alcohol-free perfumes are healthy for dogs. Most manufacturers produce dog perfumes without alcohol.

Dog perfumes smell similar to our fragrances. They have a different aroma and have deodorant properties.

If the owner of the dog uses the perfume moderately, then it is fine. If you use it too much, then the smell will cover up any scent of disease that your dog may have. Sometimes some diseases can be identified by a particular smell.

Dogs do not require perfumes; they are fine with their smell. But it is us who wants our pet to smell nice. That’s why we like to put perfume on our dogs.

Proper application

The application of dog cologne is nothing too complicated. Make sure you apply the perfume on the furry places and avoid places that do not have furs, such as eyes, nose, ears, and genitals.

The best time to apply a dog’s cologne is right after you give your dog a good shower. In that way, the perfume can prolong, and furs would be clean.

Important note:Do not apply perfume to your dog every day. Do it once a week or at least 3 to 4 days.

Make your dog smell good at all time

Since applying cologne on your dog is a debatable matter, there are many ways you can keep your dog clean and make them smell good. Follow the regulations and make your dog smell the best.

Give your dog a bath

Give your dog a nice bath. Ensure you don’t give your dog a regular bath, but you can provide a bath once a week or once a month. The bathing frequency may also vary for your dog, depending on the age, size, and breed.

You have ensured that you are applying high-quality shampoo with a deodorizing effect. There is a shampoo that can leave a pleasant smell, and your puppy will smell magical. In that way, you will not have to use cologne.

Clean your dog when they come home

When your dogs go out to play, they sweat, and dogs may jump into water bodies for which they might remain wet when they come home. A wet dog can emit a dank smell from its body. Hence when they get back home, immediately dry them and try to clean them with brushes to dust off the dirt.

Clean ear and mouth

The ear and mouth of a dog can smell pretty bad. If they smell bad, then find a way to clean the ear and mouth. If they smell bad even though they are clean, then there can be a problem; it is better to take them to the right vet.

Final Word

Who does not want their pet animals to smell great? But what is excellent for you may not be suitable for them. Hence you have to compromise and understand factors of your dogs well being. If anyone asks you, “Can I spray perfume on my dog”? then you can answer with confidence.