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Know about What to do With Empty Perfume Bottles

What to do with empty perfume bottles

As a perfume lover, it is not easy to get rid of the empty perfume bottles of your favorite perfumes,especially after spending our hard-earned money on buying these perfumes. We do not just buy for the fragrance; we buy beautiful bottles as well. Many of us love to collect these pretty bottles.

If you find it difficult to throw away these exceptional pretty looking bottles, you do not need to worry anymore. You can reuse empty perfume bottles in many different ways.

How to Reuse Perfume Bottles

Here are 10 easy to make DIY empty perfume bottle ideas for perfume bottles. You can use different types of perfume bottles to make these things.

1. Turn Them into Flower Vase

This is the best option with the least effort to reuse those prettyperfume bottles of your favorite perfumes. Perfume bottlesthemselves are pieces of art, then why not show them off? You can simply put a beautiful fresh flower in your perfume bottle. Remove the sprayer and put some water in it. And voilà! You have a lovely flower vase.

2. Create a Beautiful Display

Do you have some limited edition perfume bottles? You don’t want to throw them away as you will not get another one of them. Well, you can turn them into a display piece.

Get a tray and put those beautiful bottles on it in a pleasing way. Best to choose a tray that complements the bottles. Put some flowers or crystals to create a more charming look.

3. Make Oil Burner

Put some scented oil in your perfume bottles and add a wick. Your valuable perfume bottles will turn into a scent defusing oil burner. You can put dried flowers, leaves, tiny decorative pieces to make them look even more appealing.

4. Turn Them into Reed Diffuser

You can turn your old cologne bottles into a reed diffuser. Your pretty looking perfume bottles will enhance your interior as well as make your rooms smell nice. All you need to do is clean the empty bottles and put some fragrance oil in them. Then you can put reeds inside when you want your rooms to have a refreshing smell.

5. Create Art

Even though some perfume bottles are themselves pieces of art yet, you can turn them into even more attractive. Show off your creative side and create some aesthetical pieces for yourself and your loved ones. You can put pearls, stones, other decorative things inside a perfume bottle or create something extraordinary. There is no limit when it comes to art.

6. Make Candle Holder

Another great way to reuse your old perfume bottles is to turn them into a candle holder. You can save some money and decorate your home as well. Simply remove the sprayer, clean the bottle up, and put a candle in it. You can go for a scented candle if you want.

7. Create Event Décor

Planning an event? You can use those empty cologne bottles that you have been keeping for ages, thinking you will need them one day. Well, there you go. Use those perfume bottles as decors for your event. Engagements, bridal shows, even weddings, can be a great event to decorate with attractive perfume bottles.

8. Turn Them into Glitter Globe

Want to have some bottled up fairy dust? You can get that feel from glitter globes made with perfume bottles. Put a lot of glitter in small empty perfume bottles and use water to fill them up. You can use a few drops of glycerin to make the glitter move a bit slower. This can also look amazing as a Christmas décor, or it could be a Christmas gift.

9. Create Light feature

Level up your home environment with some pretty looking lighting. You can use fairy lights or string lights with your perfume bottles to light things up. Create some light features using your imagination. Place a few of these perfume lights in your room and enjoy a fantasy-like environment. FYI, this lighting looks amazing in photos.

10. Turn Them into Spray Bottles

If not anything, you can always use perfume bottles as spray bottles. If you have little perfume left, you can fill it up with water and use it as freshening spray for your rooms.

Otherwise, you can clean the bottles and use them for other purposes. Put only water to spray water where necessary. You can also create your own perfume on a bottle using some of your favorite notes or essential oils.

Final Words

These DIY ideas to reuse empty perfume bottles are even that difficult to do. You only need a few things to turn them into decorative pieces. These can make a unique hand-made gift for your loved ones that they will remember.