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How do you mix your own perfume?


Hey, do you like to do some experiments on making your own perfume that will carry your personality? Perfume is considered a classic gift, but if you can make it in your own afford, that would be great!

Yes, you can tell your friend that I have created my own perfume, and it is up to the mark. Though it is a hard task, you can have a try. Let’s discuss the detailed procedure of “How do you mix your own perfume?

The procedure of mixing your own perfume is described below

Choose a Glass Bottle

For making your perfume firstly, you need to add some jojoba oil to your selected bottle. Please Make sure that the container is perfectly clean. It will be good if you use a glass bottle here. The reason is that sometimes a plastic bottle cannot be able to produce a good smell.

Add Notes into It

Now it’s time to add those oils in the sequential order. Firstly, take care of the base notes, then go for middle notes, and lastly, you need to work for the top notes.

You need to add some alcohol here, and the amount would be 2.5 ounces or even more.

Shake the Bottle and Wait

It’s high time for shaking the bottle. Shake it properly so that it can mix up well. Then you need to set it for at least six weeks. We know that the scent will change over time, and the fragrance will be strong at the last moment of six weeks.

After waiting for this long period, you might have a strong scent that will simply mesmerize you. Now, you can add almost 2 tablespoons of spring water into the scent. Do this process very carefully? Now shake it properly again. Now it’s time to filter it with the help of a coffee filter. Please follow this process before you move on to the final battle.

Add some Aroma

Now, for an additional scent, you can pour a small amount of perfume into the selected bottle. Usually, when we buy perfume from the market, it was sealed properly. You need to keep the bottle a little far from the extra heat and light.

In this perspective, a dark bottle with a few airspaces could be better than others. The scientists have said that light exposure can be responsible for air degradation in many ways.

Go and Enjoy It

It is ready for you to serve. In this time, you should level the first creation. Write it in your paper about how did you have completed all the significant steps? Now enjoy the perfume and let us know how does it feel? It is always special to make something which is rare, and very few people can do this type of work.


The perfume that you have made now is too strong. If you like some sexy strong flavor, then you might go for it; otherwise, for degrading the scent power, you might add some water into it. This process will undoubtedly balance this system.

The flavor is depending on your choice. Some people do love strong, and others will deny it. A sexy flavor can helpful for doing great on the bed with your partner. This smell will make her crazy within a few moments.

Final Notes | How do you mix your own perfume?

Typically, we love to buy a beautiful perfume from the traditional shopping mall, or in any special case, we love to place an order for making it, especially in a scent parlor. This is a new method, and here you can make a signature perfume for your family or lover at home.

Though it is a time-consuming process, I believe you might love it at the end. Making something by your own afford is always prestigious, and it will increase the happiness a thousand time more than buying from a traditional shop.

Please let us know your opinion how do you have enjoyed this tutorial? If you are successful at the very first attempt, this will be a matter of pride for us. Thanks a lot for being with us, and do not forget to mail us. We like to see the audience response, and it will boost up our work as well. Have a great day!

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