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How to Choose Best Perfume for Women

How to Choose Best Perfume for Women

Are you a woman or searching for a perfume for your lady? Do you wish to smell the best and enchant people around you? Then keep reading. This article will you give you the best tips and guides to choose the best perfume for yourself.

If you want to create a long-lasting impression with your aroma, then you must go for the best. Now the question is, how to choose the best scent for you?

This is the primary and most important question that will be answered today throughout this article. Follow me to guide yourself towards the best perfume.

Best Perfumes for Women

There are many choices available to an individual when it comes to choosing perfumes from an online store or physical store.

Therefore, it can often be a difficult choice to make, particularly when you plan to gift it to a loved one. Thankfully there is a simple way to make your life easier. The essential solution to picking the best perfume would be to have a look at the perfume group.

Best perfumes for women that men love

About 14 groups of perfume are there for people to decide from, and these groups can further be shortened down to 6 major groups to further easy decision making. These six significant groups are Floral, Oriental, Aromatic, Citrus, Woody and Fruity.

The majority of people tend to have an affinity towards multiple groups. However, an enormous number of people usually have a single preferred choice of perfume group. To make sure that you do not make the wrong choice, make sure you pick one from that ideal group.


For someone who is highly fond of the scent of rose’s daisies or perhaps any flower in general, the absolute best choice would be the floral perfumes. Furthermore, there are numerous variations of options available to choose from.

Therefore perhaps the most straightforward choice would be going for the favourite flower or based on brands or based on price.


For the ones who love the heavier fragrances, the best choice would be Oriental Perfumes. However, if you are not entirely sure about the person’s preferred choice, you should probably choose from a different group. For someone who does not have a habit of using heavy fragrances may not like it.


Are you a fan of natural aromatic ingredients? Then this is the right choice for you. There are plenty of aromatic ingredients such as rosemary, basil, sage and lavender. So you get to pick from quite a good range of products.


Are you a citric fruits lover? Are you simple blown away by the citrus scents? Some of the major citrus scents are orange, lemon, mandarin, etc. They are known for their popularity universally.


Are you drawn to earthy naturals? If you walk in a forest on a rainy day, you can smell the wood. The woody scent that gets to your nose that you may be attracted to is the one you are reading about right now. There are many types of woody scents which include cedarwood, vetiver, etc.


If you have a great love for fruits, then you are definitely going to love this perfume group. The fruity perfume boats of fruity smells such as apples, strawberries, peaches and others.

5 Tips to Shop for Best Perfume?

1. Spread Out

It is strongly advised by the best shoppers out there to spread out to your shopping days. Do not purchase by only visiting a few scents in one store on day one.

Shopping should be like a trip, where you cannot be judging and deciding based on one single place on a single day. Roam around a bit, check out your options. Try out various perfumes and then revisit another day.

2. Go Out Shopping Without Scents

Wearing scents while shopping can turn out as quite a distraction and mess with your ability to distinguish one scent with another that you may want to buy.  Your applied body scents can interfere with the smell of the perfume you want to try out.

3. Take a Friend Along

You can always get someone who can help you with valuable advice to ease your decision-making process. It is much more useful to take a friend when you want to gift a perfume to someone. A second opinion always helps. However, when buying for yourself, decide whether a friend will clutter your mind or simplify it.

4. Research the Stores Well

Take a note of the stores that you are visiting quite frequently. Take time to research and find out their reputation, customer service, valuable information and much more relevant to your purchase.

An essential factor to consider is the price range. You have to ensure that the store sells perfumes within your budget. For instance, some stores offer expensive and limited choices perfumes but with quality. Also, make sure you choose a store which sells perfume as their primary product.

5. Question the Salesperson

At this moment, you should be well familiar and aware of the fragrance you are searching for. Next, you should seek to find and ask the salesperson to identify and find the most suitable scent for you.

They shall be glad to provide you with assistance regarding this matter. They will utilize their expertise and knowledge to ease further your process of finding the best perfume for you.

You may approach the salesperson and describe the kind of perfume that you are searching for. You should also mention your preferred price range and the perfume group that you are looking to find.

If you are not entirely sure about the kind of perfume that you want, then you may ask the salesperson to allow you to smell some of the best and popular collections that are available in the store. The salesperson will offer you a wide variety of scent categories to choose from.


What have you learned beautiful ladies? Are you prepared to storm the stores to seek out the best perfume for yourself?  You should be, if not go through this article again. Take note and start your research towards your goal.

There are various scents around the world, making it harder each day to pick the best one for you. However, listing the choices down can help in different ways. Evaluate them well and go for it!