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How to Properly Apply Cologne

How to Properly Apply Cologne

Using cologne every day but not getting the desired outcome? Maybe it is because you don’t know how to apply cologne properly. So it is high time that you know about it.

Although using and applying cologne may seem a trivial thing, it can play a vital role and largely change people’s perception towards us. We don’t want you to face any such unpleasant and embarrassing situation. As a result, we have created this article to give you a complete idea of applying cologne to get the most effective and attractive result.

Don’t worry; there is nothing to be afraid of. The art of applying cologne consists of a few easy steps which you can quickly master comfortably. All you need to do is select the right cologne, where and when to apply, amount to use, and process of storing it properly. Continue reading as by the end you will become a smarter person.

How to Apply Cologne: The Ultimate Guide

Cologne has the power to boost your confidence and attract people around you by leaving a positive impression of yours. That’s why you must know how to apply cologne properly. Otherwise, it will leave a negative impression which you will certainly never want.

No matter for which reason you wear it, you must know the proper steps of applying to get the most out of cologne. So, for your convenience, we have written the step-by-step procedure and the process of storing so you can quickly benefit from it.

Step by Step Procedure

Below is a list of easy steps for using cologne properly to get the exact outlook for leaving your signature mark:

Step 1: Apply after taking a shower on dry skin only

The first job of yours is to make sure that your skin is dried completely after taking a shower. However, many of us have a habit of applying cologne after taking a shower. You will be surprised to know, but it is one of the best times to use cologne after drying the body.

It is because all the pores of the skin get opened at that time. As a result, it will make the body trap the most cologne as much as possible. Moreover, along with giving a perfect smell, it will also lead to less wastage of your perfume. Less wastage will mean you will be able to spray more, and thus ultimately, it will save your pocket.

Step 2: Recognize target areas

The next task of yours is identifying the target areas of your body. It is essential that you know which areas are your main heat points. The human body is an interesting thing as all human beings are different similarly; the pulse points are different from one another.

The area that works for someone may not work for you. That’s why it is mandatory that you know so you can easily target using the perfume on the right areas that will give the most desired outcome.

The main heat areas are mostly the neck, wrists, shoulders, elbows, armpits, etc. These areas are very hot and sensitive parts of the body that have given proof to give the most appealing and preferred smell. But it doesn’t mean that all will work for you. One or two will give the best result compared to the rest. We have given the popular heat points as a preference from which you can take help.

Step 3: Spray from a distance

The 3rd step is you need to ensure that you spray on the main heat points from a distance. The ideal distance of spraying is 3 to 6 inches away from the skin.

Many of us have a habit of spraying the perfumes into the air by not maintain the distance. If you also have this habit, then stop doing it from now on, as it is wrong to apply cologne in this way. Therefore, make sure that you spray it from a distance. Otherwise, it will not serve your core purpose of using colognes.

Caution Note:

If your perfume sprays like a low-priced water gun, then it is time that you change your nozzle. The spraying style also affects the colognes effect.

Step 4: Don’t rub or use too much

Many of us have a misconception that using too much cologne will grab people’s attention. Well, it will grab attention but in a negative way. Because using more than required is overwhelming rather than appealing.

Although the number of sprays depends on the perfume you use, the perfect amount is 2 to 4 sprays for strong scents and 4 to 6 sprays for lighter ones.

Similarly, rubbing the perfume immediately after spraying it into the skin after applying is the wrong method. Instead, the ideal one is to let the spray settle down and mix with the skin to give the perfect smell.

Hence, even by mistake, don’t rub the spray and avoid using too much as both of these are enough to spoil the ultimate goal of using the perfume.

Step 5: Reapply before smell fades away

The last step is reapplying the colognes to the skin before the power of perfumes disappears completely. Usually, the scent will start to fade away from the moment of applying. Based on your perfume type, the lasting of the scent will depend.

Nowadays, many perfumes are made to last even for long 10-12 hours. Therefore, the lasting of the scent will vary based on the fragrance being used. So, depending on the lasting of your smell, apply it again before the smell is gone completely.

These are the above 5 steps of applying the cologne in the right way to get the most out of it. If you can follow them as instructed, then it is guaranteed that you will get your desired outcome.

Where to Store Your Perfume?

The storing of your perfume can affect the smell and how much time it will last. That’s why you must store it properly in the correct place, such as leaving the bottle in a place wide-open to rapid temperature variation like washrooms top drawers. This kind of place is enough to cause the cologne to fade away its original smell rapidly without even using it.

Moreover, make sure that the storing area has no direct contact with the sunlight. Even if it has, ensure that the windows are properly sealed or covered to avoid any direct contact of perfume with sunlight.

Therefore, the ideal place to store your perfume is a place that is constantly cool, dark, and dry, such as the bedroom closet can be a perfect area to store. So store it properly if you want your perfume to have a long-lasting effect along with keeping the scent intact.

The Bottom Line

Colognes play a vital role in our everyday life, from boosting one’s confidence level to changing people’s perception around us. Maybe for these vital reasons, various people cannot imagine starting their day without using colognes.

But for getting the most out of cologne, you need to know how to apply cologne properly. Otherwise, it will be of no use.

Hopefully, this article was a helpful one for you, and you have now got a complete idea of applying the cologne in the right way. So without waiting any longer, just follow the steps properly to boost your confidence and to leave a mark on the people around you.