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Histoires de Parfums is a library of scent housing 15 volumes of fragrance in- cluding men’s, women’s and unisex collections. Written by Gerald Ghislain, each bottle tells the story of a character, ingredient or historical year. Created from the finest raw materials, these fragrances are created in the longstanding tradition of French perfumery. Gerald formulates perfumes by incorporating classic olfactive families and unexpected elements to create unique scents with rich top, middle and base notes. The newest tome in the Histoires de Parfums collection – 1889 – gives tribute to Moulin Rouge, the legendary Parisian cabaret.

The night blankets the city of Paris. A colorful beam of light bursts from the Moulin Rouge. Inside, the cabaret comes to life. People begin to whisper, sitting in anticipation. Champagne glasses clink and the curtain rises. The music builds, and in a cloud of feathers and sequins, the dancers make their entrance. Let the spectacle of senses begin!

Spicy Cinnamon warmly mixes with Sugar and melts into Absinthe, while Rose of Damascus releases her sensuality, playfully seducing each spectator with her allure. The audience and dancers each play different roles but the music ties them together for a night of revelry and excitement. The enchantment never stops – time stands still in the Moulin Rouge.

The show ends and the curtain falls, but the party continues. Backstage, mirrors reflect silhouettes laughing. The smell of Iris Powder and Lipstick float out to the streets on a cloud of Musk and Patchouli.



Top Note: Tangerine, Prune, Cinnamone
Heart Note: Absinthe, Rose of Damas
Base Note: Iris, Patchouli, Musk, Fur


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