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In July, 2016, Armani launches Cuir Majesté, the new fragrance from the luxurious Privé collection, exclusively at Harrods. The collection is distinguished by rare and precious ingredients and a luxurious bottle of simple lines. The new Armani Privé Cuir Majesté, announced as a modern and sensual fragrance, is dedicated to London and its history, culture and heritage.

The rich, hypnotic and warm unisex composition contains woody, floral and tobacco accents. Top notes of dried fruit dipped in incense turn into warm notes of leather and tobacco infused with osmanthus flower. The heart of May rose is wrapped in an intense vanilla accord. The base ends with oud and mosses.


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4 reviews for Cuir Majeste

  1. William Dicks (verified owner)

    Excellent service and I’m sooo impressed by this fragrance. It smells classy, rich, influential and I can’t wait to dress up an wear it. Good Job!!!

    Bill D.

  2. Kassandra C. (verified owner)

  3. maurizio_deufemia (verified owner)

    I’m from the UK and first tried this in Harrods. Out of all the fragrances I tried that day Cuir Majeste was my favourite. Oud, leather and vanilla always sit well on my skin. The price for a full bottle was a little out of my price range so I decided to search rigorously for a sample. Thankfully I found scent event and ordered a 15ml sample. Living in London I knew I had to be patient for my order to arrive. Scent event say to allow up to 21 days. My sample arrived after 7 days… Fantastic business! I realise the climate at the moment is still too warm to put Cuir Majeste on so I’m going to leave it until the autumn, but, I had to try it on as soon as my sample arrived. Incredible! I know nobody else in my circle of family and friends will not be wearing this. Definitely one to get your hands on if you like oud, leather, vanilla and even rose.
    It lasts approximately 5-6 hours on my skin which is good. It does turn in to a skin scent after 2 hours but people will get whiff’s of the scent when it’s breezy.
    Thank you again scent event. Shame I couldn’t find a UK website that did samples of Armani Prive but hey I’m happy I found you. I’ll be ordering Armani Prive Cuir Noir from you at some point.


  4. Scott p. (verified owner)

    Great service

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