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Amouage Overture Man


Perfume is a part of our civilization, not for centuries but millenniums. From Mesopotamians to Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Roman, and Arab cultures, perfumes have been a popular product among us. We love to smell good and also like the pleasant smell from others as well. 

In this period, when products are developing at a faster pace than ever for having larger and tougher completion, perfumes are also produced by famous brands. Few of the best brands that produce cosmetics or other accessories are making perfumes that are mind-blowing, and Amouage is one of them. With other topnotch perfumes, Amouage released on of their ace perfume Amouage Overture Man.

In this article, we are about to provide the details of Amouage overture man and explain how Overture man is an exclusive perfume of Amouage.

Amouage overture man

Amouage is a very influential brand for perfume based in Oman. For two decades, Amouage has been producing perfume that is the symbol of luxury. Amouage proved that there is a market for this kind of product and lived up to the standard.

Overture Man is one of the latest and best perfumes of Amouage that launched in 2019 as an exclusive perfume. Perfumer Karine Vinchon-Spehner composed the perfume to be unique, long-lasting, and attractive. Overture man can last up to 24 hours and has a good sillage.


Overture Man dangles upon the top note of cognac, myrrh, and sandalwood as the base note. It shakes the core of an elegant gentleman. And this feeling of elegance is what makes Amouage overture so popular. 

Top note

The cognac comes as the top note with a sharp booziness, which is strengthened by a bright touch of perfumery. Mme Vinchon-Spehner applies saffron to form out the edges, presenting a barrel-aged brightness to it.

Group type: Beverage
Odour characteristic: Cognac emits a spicy, smooth, fruity, oak-like note with woody amber connotations.

Middle note

A celebration of resins appears along with myrrh as the middle note. Lentisk, frankincense, and Labdanum add on as a background flavour, the use of resins with meaning is the heart and soul of Amouage Overture man perfume.

Group type: Rasin and Balsams
Odour characteristic: Myrrh is one of the earliest recognized ingredients of the perfume. It provides a mild balsamic, delicious aromatic-spicy aroma.

Base note

The top note the cognac, which finds a way to create a significant duet with the slight touch of leather and smoke, introduce the final part of the trio. Sandalwood appears within the smoke with a flavour of benzoin. It instantly finds compatibility with the myrrh and cognac. It all falls in for the enduring route as a soothing, pleasant associate.

Group type:
Woods and mosses
Odour characteristics: Sandalwoods are traditional oriental woody note, soft, milky, soft, firm, luxurious, including a green top note and a pleasing long-lasting scent. The best quality sandalwood verity used to come from Mysore in India. Now sandalwood from Mysore significantly decreased and reached the point of extinction from perfumery because of the lack of the natural material (the species is preserved from harvesting because it’s a threatened species). New Caledonian sandalwood and Australian sandalwood are different species with a more rigid odour characteristic.

Reasons to get amouage overture man

There are some specific reasons for which I personally prefer to buy Overture man by Amouage. Not all reasons may be applicable for you, but 3 to 4 among the five reasons will be familiar as they are all about Amouage Overture man.

1. Exclusive scent

Amouage Overture man is an exclusive perfume with an extraordinary scent. It consists of high ratings from the critic and perfume consists of sensuality with an elegant and robust flavour. It has an old school leathery and smoke feel to it. It is sophisticated, elegant and traditional.

2. Odour profile

The odour profile is the best part of Overture man. It provides a leathery, smoky feel along with a strong intoxicating cognac on top. And the milky rich base of sandalwood blends with the resin provides the most elite aroma that can linger in your mind of years.

3. Lasting

Overture man can last up to 24 hours and even more. It lasts pretty long, with a strong fragrance.

4. Sillage 

It has an average sillage, but the scent trails are not bad. Though there is a perfume with better sillage yet, overture man is not bad, and it has an average sillage.

5. Bottles and packaging

Many people may not bother about the perfume bottle or container and packets. But it can be a great collectable. Overture man has a very stylish perfume bottle that has shiny bling on the bottle cap, and the colour of the perfume provides shades of tobacco brown makes it look exquisite and sleek.

Final verdict

If you are looking for perfume, that has a boozy, leathery fragrance, then amouge overture man is perfect for you. The unbeatable long-lasting aroma of this perfume never fails to amaze anyone. The sophisticated, elegant and long-lasting scent of Amouage Overture man is a very high-end perfume and also the critics favourite. 

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