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How to differentiate male and female perfume?

How to differentiate male and female perfume?

If it was the XVII the century, men and women could wear the same fragrances. But today, perfumes have evolved, and we find perfumes dedicated mainly to men and women.

Although there are unisex perfumes, which both women and men alike, for their perceptible seduction and “neutral” fragrance, which represents the balance between tastes, but perfumes differ between men’s perfumes and women’s perfumes.

Of course, personal flavour and favourite brand matter a lot. Hardly anyone who can find their favourite fragrance then changes, this is undoubtedly a fact. It gets confusing when one thinks How to differentiate male and female perfume?

There is a generic characteristic, a rather “romantic” way to define perfume for men and women: the former is more sour or bitter, let’s say even stronger. In contrast, those for women are sweeter and bring to mind the fragrance of flowers and fruit.

But how to differentiate male and female perfume?

Each genre has its ingredients

In the 17th century, there was no distinction between men’s and women’s perfumes. But by the 1950s, people started to feel the type of fragrance. Scents become a means of expressing personality; this is how women and men choose the essence that affirms their femininity or their masculinity. The difference is mainly in the ingredients.

Women love fruity, sweet, heady fragrances, or with floral notes with the perfect accord of rose-jasmine, vanilla, floral. Women attach more importance to the perfume because, for them, the fragrances reflect their personalities and their styles. It represents a tool of seduction or various emotions.

As for men, they expected perfumes to be more manly, more rational, and more comfortable to wear. Men loved the simplicity of woody aromas (cedar, vanilla, vetiver, etc.), freshness, or aromatic and oriental scents.

A purely marketing distinction

The distinction of perfumes is also from a marketing perspective. The colours of the packaging, the shape of the bottle, the name of the fragrance have meaning for consumers.

The gender distinction of perfumes is necessary for female and male consumers to direct their choices towards the scent that suits them. Several marketing studies have even shown that buyers first choose the brand and design and then come after the smell of the juice.

Mixed perfumes

Little by little, the taste in terms of fragrance is changing, women are increasingly adapting to men’s fragrances, and sometimes men too are appropriating female fragrances. It is for these reasons that niche brands have developed perfumes whose essence is suitable for both women and men: mixed or androgynous scents.

Niche perfumeries have been able to break the codes for women and men. Women and men choose to wear blended perfume because even if all in the bottle are the same, the essence is expressed differently on each skin. It scents personally on a woman’s skin and a man’s skin.


In short, there is a category of perfumes intended only for women and for men. However, the fragrances do not have a specific gender, because there are women’s fragrances that appeal to men and vice versa; there are also mixed perfumes that allow you to refine both sexes. So, woman or man, let yourself be carried away by olfactory fittings to find those that suit you the most.

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