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Mcqueen Eau de Parfum for her

Mcqueen Eau de Parfum for her

Alexander McQueen has always been one of the most controversial characters in the history of fashion. A myth even before a brand, an original artist, perhaps cutting and unscrupulous, with an incredible Gothic and evocative power.

His fashion creations have always stunned, like the unforgettable Butterfly Collection, still one step beyond imagination, ever one step ahead of her colleagues. The new perfume is an integral part of McQueen’s creative universe. Its creation required two years of tests, research to capture the essence of the brand.

Mcqueen Eau de Parfum for her: Bold and beautiful

The millenary fragrance gets a modern definition with McQueen Eau de Parfum, an incredibly modern fragrance with a vintage twist. Launched in 2016, by the design house of Alexander McQueen, this fragrance for women is mysterious and safe.

The main ingredients are jasmine, tuberose, and ylang-ylang. The tradition is reinterpreted in a modern and fresh way by combining it with pink pepper and vetiver, extracted with cutting-edge techniques. The typical notes of night flowers are delicately mysterious and dominant as never before.

The crown of the bottle is surrounded by antiqued golden feathers, characteristics of the Maison, and a symbol of craftsmanship, nobility, and ethereal beauty.

Notes: Pink Pepper, Black Pepper, and Cloves

Heart Notes: Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, and Sambac Jasmine Base

Notes: Vetiver

Mcqueen Eau de Parfum for her: A combination of vintage and modern spirit

A fresh, lively interpretation of tradition is created by the blend with pink pepper and vetiver, which was obtained using state-of-the-art CO2 extraction processes. The floral night flower notes are now gentle and subtly mysterious, yet at the same time, sovereign than ever. They are rounded and opulent, but never intrusive so that a confident novelty can be felt.

The white flowers that bloom at night have a particular fascination: The idea of ​​pollination in the dark becomes a seductive symbol of female sensuality. The intoxicating flowers are known for their erotic power and their magical charm.

In the history of perfume art, the secret is to reinterpret these powers. Inspired by classic fragrances with a strong, floral character, McQueen is based on the traditional use of white flowers and also the beautiful structure, but is characterised by a different, self-confident balance that captures the entirety of the modern woman. McQueen has the complexity and architecture with which the fragrance becomes part of the wearer’s personality.

Essence of It

The top notes are spicy – black pepper, clove, and pink pepper – and overlay the delicate floral aromas of the night flowers in the heart note. Sambac jasmine, the essence of love and power, merges with the erotic embrace of tuberose, enveloped in the mysterious, exotic, spicy notes of high-quality ylang-ylang. McQueen is the manifestation of exciting new fragrance alchemy that perfectly matches the dynamics of the McQueen house.

Perfume Pack

The bottle is heavy and fragile, made of thin and dark glass, with a thick base. The faceted cap is polished and lacquered with precision. The crown of the bottle is surrounded by antiqued golden feathers, characteristic of the house.

Final Verdict

So overall, a highly recommended perfume for women who love to wear fragrance with sweet and sexy smell.



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