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Perfume Layering 101: How to Create Your Signature Scent

Perfume Layering 101: How to Create Your Signature Scent

Perfume layering is a method of mixing various perfumed products or colognes to make a particular fragrance for oneself. Moreover, these types of personalized perfumes attract the personality of a personmoreeven than a brand can attract.

Furthermore, you get the liberty to create your own signature fragrance. As there is no restriction in trying and experimenting, you can test as many times you want. Also, it shows one’s creativity, nature and humour of a person.

In the following part of the article, we will talk briefly about how to layer perfumes. Keep Reading to know about it in detail.

How to Layer Perfumes: 7 Expert Tips

Scent mixing doesn’t only mean spraying two or more fragrances directly one after another. It can also begin when you use a perfumed cream after taking a bath. Or you can sprinkle one perfume on your wrist and another on your collar.

Without knowing how to layer perfumes properly, you may discover yourself feeling like a walking fragrance store. As various combinations of fragrances result in a varied type of scents.

Below is a list of 7 expert tips of how you can layer your perfume to get it right at your first attempt:

Recognize Your Fragrance Families

Using perfumes from close families can make a pleasant perfume. On the other hand, different families fragrance mixture can create a very bold scent.

In fact, the chances of developing an appealing scent are less in case of different families mix compared to the close ones. Hence, it is more likely to stick with the same families category scents.

Light perfumes

Heavy and bold scents can be an ideal choice but at the same time can be overwhelming when used together. In many cases, it may even give you a headache or an annoying feeling.

Perfumes combined with one or few notes can be an ideal option for layering. Such as vanilla oil that you use during washing creates a good base for any type of fragrances.

Moreover, you can add the heavy one with the light one to create an appealing scent. But there is one thing that you must avoid doing that is you must heavy perfumes at first before using light ones. Because if you use heavy scents later, then it will suppress the lighter one.

Use Perfumes In Varied Places

Instead of just merely spraying one fragrance over the other, you can blend and match your perfumes depending on your attire.

Like, you can wear perfume with light top notes in your hair or accessories to get a  joyful overview. On the other hand, you can wear something bold on your wrists to get a firmer overview.

Discover fragrances That Use Similar Notes

Fragrances are divided into notes and families: the top notes, the middle notes and the bottom notes. These vaporize at a varied pace so that the scent develops steadily.

If you have a preferred fragrance, then you can try to layer two or more varied scents that both use a similar note. Because combining perfumes of similar notes can strengthen the whole impact.

Differ Your Products

Combining your products is an excellent method of producing a fragrance layering outcome. Like, you can add body cream or lotion before using your scent for creating an appealing perfume layer. Moreover, hair items like sprays and dry oil spray for the body are also a perfect combination of the layering variety.

Take time

Every type of perfume reacts differently according to your body. The fragrance which may suit one may not suit you the best. It is because every human body is different than others. That’s why after using one scent, wait for 5-10 minutes before determining whether it is what you want or not as your signature perfume.

You can also take help from other people to notice the variation as they will able to observe the change before you can. Your Signature scent helps to highlight you even in a crowd, hence choose wisely and take time before making the final decision.

Don’t overplay

Perfume layering does not mean using the half bottle every time you go out. You should not overdo your usage number if you are using only one fragrance.

You can intensify or reduce your scent influence based on the number of your usage.Such as, you can combine one bold scent on your wrists with a light scent of top note on other places.

Blending perfumes of similar families usually create a more soothing and peaceful balance of aroma. On the other hand, dissimilar one makes a more striking one.

There are no specific rules about which perfume you should layer with another. It totally depends on your taste as one can like a light aroma while another one may like strong and heavy scents.

Therefore, these are 7 expert tips that you can follow to layer your perfumes.


I hope this article helped you to know how to layer perfumes. Discovering the perfect perfume is a very experimental job and takes a lot of patients too. Because from heavy to light scents, there are various perfumes to select from.

Still, it is a unique and enjoyable way of trying different types of perfumes together to create a signature scent for ownself. Hence, everybody must give it a go patiently to make one as signature perfume helps to distinguish one from others.