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What is a Decant and How to Order it?

What is a Decant and How to Order it?

Are you looking for a trustworthy online store to get your decants? Then you don’t have to worry anymore as this article intends to help you know how to order decants.

Decant means to pour or discharge from one bottle to another bottle.The decants bottles may differ both in size and colours.In fact, it is a dream come true for fragrance lovers as you get to choose various fragrances without spending much money.

In the following part of the article, we will talk briefly about how to order decants. Hence, Keep Reading to know more about it in detail.

How to Order Decants?

The decant is refilled in a smaller container so that people can try various types of fragrances before purchasing a full perfume bottle.And buying them is a perfect investment for the people who love using colognes and wants to try varied perfumes.

There are 2 ways you can order decants. Using any one of the methods, you can easily order your selected decants. They are written below:

  • You can order it online from our website.

Thisstore use only the new pure trademark perfume bottles and trade decants from everywhere. Reliable scents and excellent client services are guaranteed without any doubt. So, you can order it fearlessly after choosing the one you want.

  • You can order it from the manufacturer directly.

Hence, these are the following two ways from which you can order your chosen decants by following any one.

As you have known the procedure of ordering decants, so let us now talk about decants and the different types of decants size available:

What Is Decants?

A fragrance decant is a small-sized vessel or fragrance bottle that is not usually wrapped by a factory. It is hand-decanted from the original company’s container into another container.

These type of glass bottles need to be frequently sealed with electrical tape to avoid any leak. They cannot be stored for a long term without taking any precaution as these are not factory closed.

So, for using it for a long time, you must secure it with an electrical tape. But if somehow you don’t get any electrical tape then you must keep it around where the vaporizer or lid meets the vessel. Hence, you must check your bottle frequently as it will help you to keep your perfume longer and safer from vanishing.

Different Types of Decants Size

Different types of decants size are available from which you can choose. Each size of the sample is measured accurately. Therefore, you must buy one depending on how much you want to use:

1-ml Size Bottle

This sample is sufficient to check a perfume 2-3 times based on your usage.

1.5-ml Size Bottle

It is an ideal choice for oils, antique or more luxurious perfumes depending on how much you use.

2-ml Size Bottle

It is mainly designed to try various fragrances and is perfect for checking if you favour a spray. Especially for a person who loves to use perfume many times a day cannot count on it as long-term storage way out.

Because it is sufficient for a few trials like you can get up to 30 sprays from it. However, the number of sprays may vary based on your usages.

3-ml Size Bottle

It is 3.75 millimetres,and you can get almost 43 sprays from this one. Like the 2-ml size bottle, it is designed to try fragrances, and hence you can’t depend on it as a permanent solution. You cannot use it for several months or years as it is not intended to be leakage and vapourization proof.

5-ml Size Bottle

It is 1/6 ounces, and you can get around 73 spraysfrom this size bottle.

8-ml Size Bottle

It is a bit more than 1/4 ounces,and you can get almost 115 sprays from this one.

15-ml Size Bottle

It is ideal for fragrances that come in large-sized vessels like 6.7 to 8.4 ounces.Moreover, it is perfect for the one that is challenging to purchase from other places.

30-ml Size Bottle

It is more enjoyable compared to the 15-ml size bottle. It is ideal for fragrances that come in large-sized vessels like 6.7 to 8.4 ounces and is difficult to purchase from other places.


I hope this article helped you to knowhow to order decants. Decants is an excellent method of trying several colognes without investing much money.In additionto choosing your desired one, you also get to try several scents at a low cost.

Hence, you must order it immediately after selecting the one you want to use at a lower price without further delay.