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Perfume That Smells Good on Everyone

In market varieties of perfume are available. There are certain different perfumes for only men and only women. Male and female can choose their desired scent from those.

The selection of fragrance wholly depends on the person’s personality. Like any other thing which you may like but someone else doesn’t like.

Some women don’t like typical women flavor perfume like- powdery floral or other feminine scents. Again you are a man, and you don’t like traditional male perfume’s flavor such as- leather, etc.

It is possible to happen, and there are lots of people who are right now facing suck kind of problem. And if you are among them don’t be tensed. In the market, there are also many gender-neutral perfumes which can be used by both sexes.

Maybe, now your tension is you have a little idea about those. It is not a big issue. In the following part, I will write about some famous unisex perfume.

Atelier Cologne Cedre Atlas

This is one crisp unisex perfume. It is the perfect blend of citrus and woods. It is ideal for those who love outdoors. It can cost you $26-$135.

At your first spray of this perfume, you will smell lemon and bergamot, but you will be surprised as atlas cedarwood becomes the front runner. White amber, jasmine, apricot, and vetiver’s sweet and earthy combo gives it the incredible staying capacity.

Commodity Rain Eau de Perfum

There is no confusion that this clean, aquatic smell is treasured by many. This gender-neutral perfume strikes a harmony with both men and women. It can cost you $6-$105.

At its top notes, it has fresh citrus and dewy green notes. When it dries down lotus blossom, water musk and cedarwood’s notes become more prominent.

When you smell the perfume, it will give you a happy feeling.

Killian Boys Eau de Perfum

I am not exaggerating; this fragrance will surprise you with its unexpected, classy, but youthful scents. The price range for this perfume is $30-$135.

People who love Coke and Pepsi they will immediately notice the cola notes (cinnamon, lime, and nutmeg). It has cedarwood as its middle notes, which becomes more established over time and softens the sweetness. The result of this perfume is a spicy-citrusy-woodsy smell, which you will want to try on yourself.

John Varvatos Artisan

This one is originally designed for men, but many women accidentally or by word of mouth have found it very pleasant. It is marketed in a unique basket-woven bottle, which makes it more desirable. It can cost you $69-$89.

On your first spray of this perfume, you will smell tangelo, mandarin, orange blossom, and Clementine. After some time, you will get more herbal notes such as- ginger, thyme, marjoram, and Lavadin combining with the right amount of woods.

It will give you a bright, clean, and carefree feeling.

Demeter New Car

Who doesn’t love the smell of a new car? Demeter has bottled up the adored scent, and it is one favorite smell f both genders. It can cost you $6-$40.

The clean, leathery, fresh-from-the-factory scent will remind you memories of your first hit the open road with your new car. The smell of it is light. A fun and fragrance people will happily recognize it.

Jo Malone London English Oak & Hazelnut

Fresh, earthy notes of moss and green hazelnut bring balance to the foremost aroma of cedarwood and roasted oak. The fall-friendly unisex perfume will remind you to walk through the woods on a cold foggy day.

It is excellent for both men and women. The price range of this perfume is $68 to $136.

Viktor & Rolf Magic Sage Spell

This herbal, woodsy unisex perfume is appealing for both genders. This fragrance is clean, green, and tempting.

It is made of dazzling grapefruit and green tea blend with herbaceous lavender, peppermint, sage, star anise, patchouli. Again, spicy pink pepper form a mysterious concoction that loved by men and women.

Bulgari Eau Parfumee au TheVert

This classic gender-neutral perfume is in the market since 1992. It has a sparking, pleasant scent. The refreshing bergamot and green tea blend perfectly with cardamom, coriander and tonka bean for aromatherapy.

The price of it is $162. Whenever you take a whiff of it, this perfume will cheer you up.


If you don’t like specific gender-based perfume, then you can choose from these unisex fragrances. As perfume tells a lot about our personality, the selection of smell should be done carefully.

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