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Why is Perfume Expensive?

Perfume is a daily useable product for us. We all are accustomed to different kinds of perfume.

By our fragrance, people can judge us. That’s why we should choose perfume vigilantly according to our personalities.

Perfume is always considered a luxurious product. But why perfumes are still expensive? Because of some factors, perfumes are costly such as- ingredients, marketing, packaging, etc.

All these reasons are quite reasonable, but how it works actually? In the following part, I am going to discuss the reasons behind the expensiveness of perfumes.

Ingredients of Perfume

Ingredients are the main things that increase the price of perfumes. Some fragrance contains unusual flower petals or the part of unique roots (tuberose, jasmine).

The unavailability of such kind of components can also add value to the price of perfume. Such as- some flower ingredients blossom just for one month in a year.

Here is one example for better understanding. Jean Patou Joy ranked as the world’s most expensive perfume.  it is costly because it takes 10,600 jasmine flowers and 28 dozens May roses for making a single bottle.

Following are some of the most priced ingredients in the perfume industry-


It is a waxy, flammable secretion that is formed in the digestive system of some sperm whales. The first marine fecal odor of it turns into a sweet earthy scent later.

Its unusual fragrance is usedin perfume making, and also it is used as a fixative for boosting the longevity of the scent.


It is a dark smell resin. Itdischarged as a defense mechanism for despoilingfungus infection on the most costly wood- the Agarwood tree, which isa native tree of Southeast Asia and South America.

The notes of Oud are musty and woody, also nutty and rich aroma which is very trendy in the Middle East.

Expenditure of extracting oil from smalloud resin is quite high. Low amount of resin yields from plant, which makes it more costly. Again the extraction process of oil is labor-intensive and very slow.


Smell of orris is similar to the scent of iris root, which reminds us of theviolets smell. Orris has different kind of flavors such as-powdery,soapy, floral and earthy.

Orris oil, people call itOris butter also. This orris butter extraction requires three to five years because the root must dry and age. And for drying and aging roots need time.

Extraction of the oil requires time, and because of low volume, it became one of the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world.


One ounce of essential oil requires near about 240,000 handpicked jasmine flowers. And this makes it so expensive.

Bulgarian Rose

In May, these roses are handpicked from a valley in Bulgaria where they have been cultivated for centuries. Cost and effort for cultivating and collecting these rose made them expensive ingredients.

Some luxurious perfumes also contain synthetic materials that are difficult, as well as expensive to create.

Million Dollars Marketing

There is some organization which spends million dollars on the marketing of their products. In their advertising, they indulge A-list celebrity and also splurge on excessive ad campaigns.

Some brands market perfumes exactly like art or fine wines. Such kind of things promotes hypes and buyer with lavish taste seems enthusiastic to pay the price. Since for them, owning a coveted bottle is being special.

Luxurious Packaging

It is known by perfumers that the unique packaging of a product can differentiate its product among all other perfume. It is costly but has value also.

A French company named Baccarat creates and supplies premium crystal. A number of the world’s lavish scents come in Baccarat crystal bottles. Also, special attention is given on the bottles for making it airtight and for preserving the fragrance.

An expensive perfume bottle is considered as a luxury and symbol of status.


Mainly because of perfume’s rare ingredients price goes up. Most of the famous branded perfumes are made with a unique ingredient. These ingredients provide those unusual scents and long-lasting power.

Besides, companies are focused on marketing products which can attract a lot of customers. And such kinds of marketing add extra cost to the perfume’s price.

Nowadays, perfumes are coming with unique designed bottles and packet which also add cost.

If you want perfume made with rare ingredients or if you have cravings for branded perfume, you have to pay a high amount for purchasing. As lots of things are increasing the price of perfume and here I have mentioned some reasons already.

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