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Affordable Monthly Cologne Subscription at $13.95

Affordable Monthly Cologne Subscription at $13.95

Cologne subscription is a contract signed between the seller and the customer that the buyer will receive their product usually for a year and thus pay for the product at a definite time. The buyer may receive the cologne weekly or monthly, or even yearly. Without further due, let’s start with the definition and types of Cologne.

What is Cologne?

Cologne is an unseen part of personal smartness. It is a liquid perfume made of alcohol and sweet-scented oil.  This kind of perfume lasts long because of the most use of oil. The type of cologne you choose symbolizes your personality and taste of choice. A person can also be judged according to his or her choice of cologne.

So it is better to choose a cologne very carefully. Nowadays, everyone uses cologne because of different benefits.

Types of cologne

There are different types of cologne based on flavors. Some are as follows:

  • Floral– the fragrance of flowers like jasmine, rose, lavender, and so on.
  • Fruit– the fragrance of fruits like berries, grapes, or peaches.
  • Oriental– it is also known as “amber” fragrance. It is unique because it is composed of musk, vanilla, and precious woods. So this category consists of rich, glamorous aroma.
  • Woody– woods like sandalwood, rosewood, agarwood, pine, etc. are used to make woody perfumes.

Well, now you know what cologne is and its types. It would be handy for you if you would know the benefits you are going to get if you subscribe to a package of cologne.

Why is Cologne Subscription Beneficial?

Cologne subscription is beneficial for a cologne lover. It is very gentle for men. A subscription is a new business policy to connect with customers. Customers will receive their favorite fragrance through an agreement that they will buy their product for at least a year.

For the payment procedures, the buyer must have a credit card or debit card. The expense is deducted automatically from the card monthly. So it is helpful for both the provider and the receiver to go through this process.

Different Cologne Subscription Companies

The original cologne is a spirit-citrus perfumed, which was launched in Cologne, Germany, in 1709 by Giovanni Maria Farina, an Italian perfume maker. After that, it was named cologne. That perfume was then served only in the royal houses in Europe. But now many companies make cologne.

Best Cologne Subscription Boxes of 2020

According to the research, there are seven best cologne boxes of 2020:

  1. Scentbird: Overall best
  2. Com: Budget-friendly.
  3. Scent box: Best variety
  4. Scent Trunk: Best according to fragrance
  5. Olfactif: Best for who always wants to go with the trend
  6. Phlur: The best fresh fragrance
  7. Debonair Scent: Best for tiring guys

Why Scent Bird Cologne Company is the Best?

The Scentbird Cologne Company is a bit expensive. They claim on their website that they use 100% authentic fragrances. Their target is to make more and more trial pack rather than the full-size one because they have discovered that their customers tend to buy the trail pack more as their cologne is way more expensive than other brands.

They also provide your favorite fragrance straight to your mailbox within 10 to 12 working days of your immediate order. It can be spray 120+ times. So four sprays daily for 30 days.  There is also a return policy on full-size fragrance. You can return your order within 15 days of delivery in their original and unopened condition.  So you can understand the benefits that Scentbird Cologne Company is providing and that is why it is the best one.   

Affordable Monthly Cologne Subscription

The trial cologne pack, which has been designed to use for at least a month, is very much budget-friendly. When it is time to select the best one but at an affordable price, it becomes difficult to suggest only one.

There are at least ten best but cheap colognes you can find in the market. They are:

  1. Best Woodsy Smelling Cologne: Cerruti 1881
  2. Best For Men Of All Ages: Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir
  3. Best For Men Of All Ages: Perry Ellis 360
  4. Best For Men Of All Ages: Grey Flannel
  5. Best Daily Cologne: Nautica Voyage
  6. Best Value: Quorum
  7. Best Romantic Cologne: Intimately Beckham
  8. Best Romantic Cologne: David Beckham Instinct
  9. Best For Starting: Adidas Deep Energy
  10. Best For Every Time Use: Curve   

How to Get a Monthly Cologne Subscription?

Usually, when we go to a perfume shop, they show us so many testers that we become very much confuse about which one to buy. It is also not possible to purchase much cologne at a time as it is not cheap.

So for that, cologne has made their trial pack, which is also known as a monthly pack. It lasts for at least a month. You can again buy so many trial pack at a time of different flavors. After a month of the trial, you can buy your desired or favorite cologne of a big bottle.

Is Monthly Cologne Subscription Worth It?

Many of you may think that will it be worth it to buy the trial or monthly pack. So the answer is yes. Usually, it is said that the monthly box lasts for at least a month, but you can use it for more than a month. The reason is there is no need to wear so much cologne at a time because a little goes a long way.

If you are worried about the cost of a big bottle of cologne, then you can buy your favorite flavor of monthly cologne again and again. You can also carry the trail pack wherever you go.

Benefits of Cologne Subscription for Buyers

There are many benefits that a customer can avail through this subscription. Some are as follows:

  1. You can be their brand ambassador.
  2. You can get the opportunity to work with them as a model in magazines and newspapers.
  3. You will receive gift hampers.
  4. You will receive a membership card with a gym, club, etc. facilities.

How to Properly Wear or Apply Cologne?

Most men do not know to apply cologne in the right way. There are some techniques to apply cologne correctly. The steps are as follows:

  1. First, you will have to apply cologne in clean and dry skin. It is better to wear after the shower.
  2. Second, you should not spray cologne into the air and walk through it.
  3. Third, you will have to focus on the body parts that get focus after you get dressed. Here’s an example- neck, and wrist.
  4. Fourth, do not pat or rub your wrist and neck.
  5. Fifth, you should not apply cologne on your clothes because the oil in the cologne can damage your clothes.
  6. Sixth, you should apply cologne from 3-6 inches away from your skin.
  7. Last but not least, do not apply more because less is more.

FAQ: Cologne Subscription

Well, for your assistance and to prove that we care for our visitors, we have developed a sophisticated QnA section. It will help you to know what people are already asking about the cologne subscription. Let’s go through all those questions to enrich your knowledge about our topic here.

How to choose cologne?

Cologne should be chosen based on how strong you want your perfume to be. So the way is to focus on the level of concentration of the perfume. The more the level of concentration, the strong the fragrance, and the less the level of attention weaker the aroma.

It is always better to choose strong cologne as it will make you more presentable, attractive, and confident. As a result, you will feel less stressed.

If you choose strong fragrance cologne, then you will be more attractive to women as most of the women like strong fragrance.  

Can women wear or apply cologne?

Cologne is specially designed for men, but women can wear them too. When you smell a fragrance from another classification (masculine, feminine, and unisex), you feel like it will suit you very well.  Many women want to wear masculine scent, and they also wear it in a public place. But it is very much challenging to wear a feminine fragrance for men.  So if you find difficulties in choosing the scent, then you can go for a unisex fragrance because both males and females can wear it.

How is cologne different from ordinary perfume?

The main difference between cologne and ordinary perfume lies in the concentration of essential oils in the base of the fragrance’s water and alcohol. Usually, there is a higher concentration of oils in perfumes, which is about 20 to 30 percent.

On the other hand, there is a lower concentration of oils in cologne, which is about 2 to 4 percent. The concentration determines how long the perfume will last.

Conclusion on Cologne Subscription

So from the above, I hope you have got a clear idea about the cologne subscription. Now it will be easy for you to choose the cologne according to your budget, choice, and personality. It is better to keep your cologne a darker place like a drawer or cabinet rather than exposing it to direct sunlight.

Do not hesitate about gender fragrance. Buy the one that suits your personality. You can also gift one to your beloved. Grab the one best for you. Remember, your choice will define your smartness. So “Be smart, be bold.”