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Solid Cologne Vs Spray Cologne: Which One is Better?

Solid Cologne Vs Spray Cologne

Solid Cologne Vs Spray Cologne: Which one is better? – It entirely depends on when and where you are going. However, to help you make a better decision, I thoroughly discussed the benefits of solid cologne and spray cologne. I believe if you complete the reading, you will know which one you want.

What is Solid Cologne?

Solid colognes go around in the market with the name of hard or dry cologne as well. They have an intense and more prolonged aroma. Even though you might think they are recent inventions as they are now in trend, they have been around for a long time. Even the Egyptians used various flowers to make solid and prolonged scents.

The solid colognes come in small bottles but last more than spray colognes. That is because they last longer, and if you use them once in a small amount, that is enough. Besides, as they come in small packages, they are effortless to carry.

As they are expensive, usually people think twice before buying them. However, as you need them in a small amount, they last for a long time. Although as there is nothing mixed with the solid colognes, they take time to spread their aroma.

How to Apply Solid Cologne?

You can wear these for work or anywhere else after work. Since the smell of these colognes is intense, you will have to be a bit careful about where you are wearing them after work. For instance, it is not wise to wear solid cologne while going to the grocery store.

Applying solid cologne is all about technic. Remember, you have to use the cologne in small amounts as they are intense. Believe it or not, a tiny part of it on the neck and wrists is enough for the day. There is one thing you need to keep in mind; solid colognes are mostly like ointments. Hence, you need to rub it on your fingertip before applying it.

Here are more details on how to apply solid cologne?

What is Spray Cologne?

Spray colognes are not as concentrated as solid cologne. There is alcohol mixed with the fragrance to preserve and bring out the best of the scent. As a result, they do not last as long as solid colognes.

Spray colognes are a modern innovation to make perfumes cheaper and available for all kinds of people. There was a time when perfume was only a luxury that only a certain class could afford. The spray colognes have made it different.

Spray colognes are in bottles with spray openers; as a result, applying them is hassle-free. However, to smell well, you need to use them in a little while. As a result, they do not last for a long time, and you need to buy them often. However, as they are affordable, that is not an issue.

How to Apply Spray Cologne?

Applying spray cologne is very convenient as they come in spray bottles. All you need to do is use them in areas you want. As their smell is not intact, using it a bit is not enough. It is best if you use it in a way that would make you feel comfortable.

How Long Can You Use Solid Cologne or Spray Colognes?

If you keep them for too long, solid cologne or spray, it is evident that they would change with time. The smell of the perfume would not stay as it was in the beginning. However, few simple knick-knacks will help you to store your cologne no matter what kind they are.

At first, make sure the place where you are storing your colognes is not too hot. Heat can definitely affect what is inside the bottle; as a result, your cologne’s smell would change. Therefore, storing at room temperature is necessary.

Make sure your spray colognes are not getting direct exposure to the sun for long hours. As I said before, the fragrance in these colognes is not concentrated; they would evaporate. Consequently, your spray would not remain very useful anymore.

Do Colognes Expire?

Colognes usually do not expire. However, with time they lose their essence. However, you can easily use a solid cologne for a year. The good news is, a solid cologne can be over within eight months if you use it regularly. Therefore, there is no chance of it doesn’t go good.

Besides, spray colognes don’t last for a long time. If you want the best way to spray cologne, it will be over long before it goes bad.

What is My Opinion?

In my opinion, in this war between solid cologne vs spray, solid cologne always wins. Many might say they are expensive, but they last longer, and that makes the price reasonable. Besides, you do not need to use the best smelling solid colognes in a large amount. Moreover, a small amount of it stays for a long time.

Another great thing about the solid colognes is their size. They come in small bottles; as a result, you can always carry them with you. Therefore, if you are always on the move, there is nothing more suitable than solid colognes.

Final Words

We are at the end of our discussion on solid cologne vs spray cologne. If you want to make a worthwhile investment, you should pick solid colognes. Any money you spend needs to make a difference. Buy the perfect solid cologne for you today, and create your statement.