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Which Type of Perfume Lasts the Longest?


When it is about perfume, the question that will arise in your mind is, of course- will the smell last long? Because what will be the use of the fragrance if that faded away before you can feel them? So it is frequently asked that- which type of perfume lasts the longest. Here is our suggestion for you regarding this issue.

Types of Perfume

Perfumes with the aromatic compounds of the same composition but of different concentration smell different. Masculine scents are more diluted than feminine ones. According to the concentration of fragrance, perfumes are of five types.

Parfum or Extrait:

It is also known as ‘Pure Perfume’ or ‘Perfume Extract.’ It contains essential oils between 15% and 40%, and the fragrance lasts for six to eight hours in general. Perfume is your evening wear.

Eau de Parfum (EDP):

Eau de perfume contains 15-20% fragrance and generally lasts for up to four to five hours. It is suitable for everyday wear. It is ideal for sensitive skin.

Eau de Toilette (EDT):

Eau de toilette means grooming water. EDT contains aromatic oils between 5% and 15%. The fragrance lasts for two or three hours highest. EDT is preferable for the daywear where Eau de parfum is considered as nightwear. Most masculine perfumes are of this type.

Eau de Cologne:

Eau de Cologne means water of Cologne. It contains 3% to 8% fragrance oil. It has citrus-based notes and lasts up to two hours.

Eau Fraiche:

It is sold as “splashes,” “mists,” etc. This contains 3% or less essential oil. Water is used as a solvent rather than oil or alcohol. Eau Fraiche lasts for two hours barely.

The cost of perfume decreases as the fragrance concentration decreases.

Which Type of Perfume Lasts the Longest?


The lingering power of perfume depends on the congelation of the fragrance oil. The intensity and longevity of perfume depend on the concentration of the aromatic compounds. The more concentration of essential oil will be, the longer it will last.

And thus the perfume will have more strength and vigor generally because water and alcohol evaporate quicker than the essential oil. The sillage of the perfume also increases with the concentration of essential oils.

From the above discussion, you can surely say that ‘Perfum’ or ‘Pure Perfume’ lasts the longest. It lasts for the whole day.


The perfume contains the highest amount of essential oil. It contains fragrance oil from 15% up to 40% in the volume of the final product. Most perfumes contain essential oil between 20-30% wherewith these, a mixture of ethanol and water is used from 60% to 85% as solvents.


Fixatives are used to make a perfume long-lasting. It let the fragrance evaporate slowly. Usually, base notes are considered as fixatives. The base note is consists of two to six ingredients.

Oakmoss and Vetiver are one of the most long-lasting base notes. These fragrances slowly evaporate in comparison to others. So you will smell them even many hours after the fading of heart and top notes. They also keep the blend of the whole perfume. But these do not influence other ingredients evaporation rate.

There also some base notes which have an impact on other constituents’ evaporation rate. For example, Peru balsam, benzoin, myrrh, frankincense, civet oil have unique molecular composition. Due to their molecular structure, they fade slowly. And also, they slow down the evaporation rate of other components.


As perfume contains the highest concentration of essential oils, perfume lasts the longest. The perfume will spatter incense for the whole day long. The incense of perfume lasts for six to eight hours. So you will not have to reapply the scent.

Benefits of Perfume

Perfume is not only advantageous because of its longevity, but also for its composition. It contains less alcohol than other perfumes. So it does not dry out the skin. Thus it is recommended for sensitive skin.

How to Apply

You can use it at pulse points such as inside of knees, elbows, and wrists, on the nape, behind the ears. Thus the perfume will be warmed by the pulse point, and the aroma will be released continuously. Rub some vaseline on the pulse point and a non-scented moisturizing cream on the skin before applying the perfume to make it long-lasting.


Among all types of scent, perfume costs the highest. For example, Cocoa Mademoiselle by Chanel costs 105 dollars for 1.7 oz fl. 1.7 oz fl of La vie est Belle costs 99 dollars.


Perfum’ containing well fixatives lasts the longest. And also apply it in a proper way for lasting long.

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